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I’m Suzanna Stapler, founder and Chief Doodler at Squillustrate.

Georgia born and raised, I grew up running around outside or sitting anywhere, pencils and sketchbook in hand, drawing for hours.  I dove into stories and enjoyed building projects in many mediums, which eventually led me to pursue the creative side of business through Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Belmont University.  By the end of my first year, I knew I wanted to start a business. After trying out a few directions (and hitting some rough patches!), I came back to drawing— this time, with digital tools. Gradually, I began receiving requests for illustration and design projects, and in the process, realized three critical truths: 1) I’ve always been an artist at my core, 2) Working with people to bring visions to life is my passion, and 3) The people around me often had wonderful projects ready to go—they just needed a little help coming up with the right visuals.

And so, I launched Squillustrate, the brand behind a simple concept: make ideas happen by understanding and expressing them through illustration. 

Sometimes, this looks like working with an entrepreneur on designs to showcase their value and capture an audience’s imagination. Other days, it can involve producing custom artwork to commemorate a special occasion, or even a children’s book!  The project scope varies, but it all comes down to the same passion for people + art. 

One of the coolest things, though? That’s only the beginning. 

A Broader Vision: In my line of work, I’ve had the chance to meet inspiring clients and creatives who work independently in many fields, from videography to web development. This really got me thinking… "Why couldn't freelancers come together to build something bigger than themselves, even while enjoying an independent work style?

Oh, wait. We CAN do that. In fact, when you get us together, something cool happens. We don’t have to charge our clients for high overhead costs, AND we can offer more capabilities than a solo graphic designer could: websites, app development, photography, and SEO, to name a few. Teamwork really does make YOUR dream work.

So. Curious about how it works? Check out the Case Study featuring one of Squillustrate’s Preferred Partners below.



You’ll be able to read the stories of Squillustrate’s Preferred Partners + see the cool work they do.

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