Hey there! Here’s what you need to know about who we're not…

…and who we are.

We’re not stiff, we don't wear suits, and we're not dinosaurs (the marketing kind, that is). We don’t charge our clients for high overhead costs. Ours are low. But, we can also offer you more capabilities than a solo graphic designer could. That's because focused, organized teamwork really does make the coolest / fastest / most functional / most FUN dream work.

Squillustrate's business model goes something like: “Avengers, Assemble!” For each project, we put together a trusted team of experts gathered to deliver exactly what you need AND eliminate hassles for you. You can rely on Squillustrate team members' skilled, friendly nature (they are only the nice kind of space aliens) and ask them questions (here!) any time. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how we work, but here’s a little more just for you…

Hi, I’m Suzanna Stapler! And I’m the Founder, Designer, and Chief Doodler here at Squillustrate. Ever since I was little, I’ve had big ideas and practiced communicating them through visual stories. Now, I get to do that every day for people like you. When I’m not drawing, you can find me making puns with friends, running down a trail, or burying my head in a book. Based in Nashville, TN.

My name is Justin Bavier, and I build sick websites as justinfordev. Squillustrate and I partner to create full digital branding packages. I started out making websites for fun in middle school when my dad bought me a book on coding. Now, ten-ish years later, I get to be a full-time nerd! I like figuring out how stuff works, playing music with my friends, and running on all sorts of surfaces.

BY THE WAY, If you’re a freelancer and love being your own boss, but sometimes find yourself missing team projects (or just want a little more structure to your work life), contact us today at suzanna@squillustrate.com. We’d love to hear more about your skill set and what you’d be interested in creating together.