Amplify Your Activities: Rebranding Amplify COO

Updated Amplify moodboard.png

Ben Cooper, founder of Amplify COO, solves problems like it’s nobody’s business.  Except… it’s his!  He realized he could generate incredible results for clients by spotting what part of their process needed optimization.  His ability to not only identify opportunity, but eliminate obstacles through data and financial planning, allows him to help clients substantially increase their cash flow (AND peace of mind).

His original brand, 9CoreActivites, gave him a starting point.  But as his business evolved, he realized it didn’t accurately represent the efficiency and possibility he brings to client interactions.  It took time for us to figure out a new name, trying on a variety of styles in the process — was he the Sherlock Holmes of operations?  The Gandalf of quests for Shopify success? Ultimately, he kept coming back to his gut feeling: Amplify COO, a figure who could step into the chaos and find the best path for companies struggling with bottlenecks in their production or sales. 

Design Elements:

  • Charcoal grey, clear aquamarine, and zestful orange came about naturally.  After all, it’s always fun when a brand’s identity showcases a little personality of the mind behind it.. and Ben and I both happen to love those colors.  

  • The triangle in the logo started as a representation of a fulcrum.  In the operational sense, it’s the point of a machine or object where a lever may be supported, then pivot.  In the bigger picture, a fulcrum plays a crucial role in a situation; it’s the piece that can turn the tide.  For Ben and his clients, it’s the identification and resolution of a key problem or aspect of the business that needs addressing; once challenged and transformed, this part can be the very catalyst the business needs for growth.  

  • The font needed to be clean but substantial, modern yet unswayed by minimalist trends in design. 

  • One of my favorite parts of this project is the brand mark: the trim triangle with COO built in, the “swoosh” of Ben’s company.  After I presented it to him, he not only loved the image- he knew exactly how to use it not just for simplification of a logo, but for demonstrating how his process works for the client. This organic creativity and application reminded us of the power of teamwork and thinking out the box (or, you know, the triangle).

On the web development front, JustinforDev took over, and I had a blast working with him as project partners on development and design. We are ultimately thrilled to watch Ben expand his business, continue to perfect his niche, and most importantly, expand the potential of every client who gets to work with him.  

I think he was excited with the result, too.

"Working with Suzanna was top notch. Not only did she design a beautiful logo, she also went above and beyond to help me think through some strategic direction for my brand. She's helped my business look good, and she's helped my clients look good!"

Definitely check out his site today to find out if your business could benefit from the powerful services of Amplify COO.